why the endless options and constant decision making can’t the world just be happy with one option that we can all agree on?

Whew.  I know.  Long title.  But it sums up my anxiety right now.  Why the anxiety, you ask?  Two words:

Middle.  School.

Oh my goodness!  Whatever happened to going to your happy local little within walking distance school that naturally led to a junior high and then high school.  Sure, somewhere  along that way you may think a bit about what you want to pursue as far as a career.  Maybe read up on some universities or follow a lawyer around for a day to see what exactly they do.  But that’s at age 18.  Not 6th grade.

Enter Middle School.  The choices are endless.  ENDLESS!

Do you want them to learn a foreign language?  There’s one for that.  Do they fancy the arts?  Yup.  One for that.  Would they like to play hockey or baseball on a specialized team that makes regular trips to the rink during school time?  Sure.  No problem.  Or maybe your prefer a more traditional approach to school complete with uniforms, an emphasis on respect and the tried and true methods of reading writing and arithmetic.  You betcha!  Digital Media your forte?  Go here.  Smaller class sizes?  Go there.

I. could. scream.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that at the ripe age of 10 it just may be a little premature to decide on your childs loves and determine a schooling course of action that will promote and enhance this.  He’s 10!  He likes to skateboard, read Harry Potter and play video games.  How do I know if science will be his passion, graphic arts will be his career of choice or politics is his bag and so french the natural option.

I have no freaking idea.

This would be a low point in my mothering, I realize, but I would really just love nothing more than to hand this decision off to someone else to make.  I seriously don’t think I can handle the pressure.


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