so much going on…

…so little blogging.  I did a quick update today on my work website and thought I’d put it here too cause it’s true.  And weird.

When I was a kid I thought that by the time we got to the  year 2010 we would for sure all have hover cars and be wearing all metallic clothing.

Anyone else?

Which also spawns another random memory of when Back to the Future 2 came out and everyone was talking about how hover boards are real and they already have them in Japan.

Or was that just my circle?

To be fair my brothers also told me that the little chunk of land that you see when you drive over the Port Mann is where they filmed Gilligan’s Island.  Yes.  I believed them.   And my biggest brother made me believe that the special edition double digest Archie comics were pronounced “Double Dig-ee-ist”  and I would have argued up and down with anyone who disagreed.

Slightly naive?  I would say so.

Peace out.


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