The Moleskine

Simple.  Black.

Two words that pretty much describe how I like most things.  Shoes. Dresses.  Furniture.  Necklaces.  Phones.  Pens.  I could go on for quite some time but the more things I state the more I end up sounding like some crazy goth whose entire life consists of black.  (notice I didn’t mention the trench coat or the nail polish)

It also describes my moleskine.  The exact same moleskine that I buy every year for – oh, I don’t know how long now.  A few nights ago I did one of my absolute favourite things.  (I know, I’m a total dork)  I peeled the wrapping off of my 2010 moleskine weekly notebook and snapped back the elastic page holder and cracked it open for the first time.  Oh bliss.

I simultaneously opened my old, black 2009 moleskin weekly notebook now with a not so crisp cover, well worn pages and writing, scribbles, lists, and plans galore!  I spent the following hour turning the pages of my 2009 and glancing over some of the things we had done and some of the notes I had jotted and transferred birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates into my 2010.

I know, I know!  Some of you have fancy shmancy computer programs that remind you of these things a week in advance but I must say – I’m perfectly content and somewhat smitten with my moleskine, pen and actual handwriting method, thank-you very much!


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