In case you don’t get it…

That’s suppose to be snow falling on my blog.  I’m quite certain it would look more snow-like if my blog wasn’t so white to begin with.  I just wanted to make sure that none of you booked eye exams after visiting here because you kept seeing white spots show up randomly on the screen.

Unless you do need your eyes checked in which case – happy to have helped!

We’ve picked up two new books recently that I’m hoping to read over the holidays.  The first is Tim Keller’s The Reason for God which I’ve heard so much about that I’m not even sure I need to read it.  But I will anyways.  The second is called  Worldliness.  (Don’t know who it’s by and I’m currently too lazy to get up and check)  Our caregroup at our new church is going through it beginning in January so I hope to get it read before that.

And yes, I said new church….


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