It’s finally up!

I do NOT know what happened this year.  We always put our tree up on December 1st.  It is now December 10th and it just went up.  It may be due to the fact that for the first time ever we have an artificial tree.  Now, nothing against all you fake tree people but am I wrong in saying that it feels pretty lame to pull your Christmas tree out of a box!

Normally it’s an event.  We bundle up.  We head to the tree farm.  We wander and find the very best tree in the lot (not too big, not to perfect.  It must have some quirks about it just like the rest of us!) and then we chop!  Of course then comes the hilarity of trying to fasten it to the roof.  Oh, who am I kidding – by this point I’m in the truck with the heat full blast.  I have nothing to do with roof fastening…

And there’s the smell.  That yummy pine smell.  The artificial tree certainly lacks this.  It just smells like cardboard.

Ah well.  It’s up.  It’s lit.   It looks quite pretty…from a distance!


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