Who cares that it’s dumping rain and we may need to build an ark

I’m really looking forward to today.  Wait, can  you look forward to something that’s already here?  Guess not…

I’ll start again.  I’ve been really looking forward to today and now that it’s here I’m giddy!  I am spending the ENTIRE day in Vancouver with one of my favourite people on the planet.  My sister-in-law.  (Which reminds me, add to my list of things I cherish.  Having a sister-in-law that is one of my favourite people on the planet!)

We don’t have a definite plan but rather a few must stops and then we plan to fill in the in-betweens with whatever we fancy at that moment.

Here’s a few things we’re doing for sure and a few others that if they work out, well….they’d make me happy!

  1. Going to take in Evolution of Inspiration at Gallery Atsui.
  2. Sitting in Artigiano for a coffee.  A huge difference from our normal, with-kids ventures where we (quite literally) GRAB coffee from Artigiano.
  3. Visiting MAC with the sole purpose of not buying anything but hoping we can nab someone to make our faces look all pretty regardless.
  4. Meandering through Chapters looking for the perfect next book to read.
  5. Popping in on my dear friend Lindsey even though she’s at work all day, maybe just to drop off some chocolate?

Actually, even the drive in and out of the city seem eventful right now.  An hour of undisturbed conversation time?  Brilliant!

What are you doing today?


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