We have had an incredibly windy week.  Quite possibly windier than I have ever seen it.  2 days inparticular last week were CRAZY.  And I mean crazy.  Here are just a few instances that I know of because they happened to my friends and family.  First off, a massive tree in front of my parents home blew over and pulled some of the roots right out of the ground.  That tree has been there for 25 years!  We also got a call at 6 one morning from friends pleading with my husband to , ” PLEASE come straight to our house because the trampoline is blowing away and we’re afraid it’s going to smash into the house!”  It was all 2 strong men could do to restrain it and tie it down.  And that was AFTER the middle had been cut out of it!  Little kids swimming pools were found blocks away and play house structures had hopped from front yards to back.  It was crazy!

So after the first morning of intense wind I looked out our kitchen window to the huge trees in the green belt behind us.  The trees were completely bare as the wind had stolen away any of the remaining leaves in the night.  But way up high almost near the top of a huge tree was a birds nest.  I pointed it out to my family and marveled.  How on earth did that nest stay up there through all that wind!  I talked to my boys about the verse which states that God even takes care of the birds and together we were in awe over the ability of the birds to build such a secure home and how God had given them that instinct.  We talked about how God protected those birds and their home even through such a big wind storm.  It really gave me a sense of amazement and of how deeply God cares even for the little creatures He made.

photo credit Blind Grasshopper

The next night was just as windy.  I had to sleep with my iPod in my ears to drown out the noise of the wind as every time it howled or rattled the windows it would wake me.  The next morning I got up and looked out the kitchen window again.  This time the birds nest was gone.

At first I was saddened.  And then I was cynical, “of COURSE it’s gone!”  But the more I thought about it the more I saw a bigger picture of the character of God.  God is good.  He does protect.  He does lead.  He does gift us with abilities.  But that doesn’t mean it will always go well with us.  By no means do I buy into a “prosperity gospel” but at times it may entice even when I don’t mean for it to.  I mean, I LOVED that God protected those birds the first night in the storm.  But God showed me the next day when the nest was blown who knows where that his protection doesn’t always come from perfect comfort or happiness.  Lessons I knew in my head but definitely needed reminding of.

The next day my middle boy was SO excited to tell Grandma and Grandpa just how amazing God is and how he protected the birds nest all through the storm and it was then that I had to interject and tell them about my new discovery.  A hard lesson for them for sure.  One I’m sure they don’t completely get but is important to me to explain to them.   I have a feeling they’ll remember that nest for quite some time.


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