Things in my head: Part II

2)  Take more snaps of our family in our everyday life.

One day of taking snaps of our family and I realized why I don’t do it.  They look horrible!  I know its ridiculous considering people pay me to take their pictures but I have NO IDEA how to use our point and shoot camera.  I like my lovely big camera with lots of buttons and options and that I know how to adjust to varying light situations.  With our little camera all I know how to do is turn it on and push the shutter.  The flash always makes everyone look like zombies with red eyes and completely flattened features.

Alas, I tried.  Here are some snaps of one of our days in Seattle.

blog 9
The boys and the great glass elevator
earl and me! I love that Owen took this because I think this is how the boys must often see us as they trail along behind us
blog 3
why do boys always want to fake fight?
blog 4
The boys! Phoenix in his prime "you-will-not-see-my-face-but-I-will-make-gang-signs" form for the camera
blog 6
random bike sculpture thing
blog 5
Oh no! The giant bowling ball attacks!!
blog 2
cartoons are so novel to our cable-less children
blog 7
Me and Earl! (and the top of phoenix's head)

The End.


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