Matt Chandler told me on our run this morning (er….he wasn’t running.  He was just yelling in my ears via iPod)  that having good friends over, eating delicious food, having great conversation, laughing and enjoying one another’s company is holy.

Interesting because that’s exactly what we did last night and I think he’s right.  I wouldn’t have thought about it that way until I heard him say it but our evening with friends last night was truly great.   I need evenings like that in order to stay refreshed.

Why do we (Christians, that is…) think that it’s only our “quiet time” and time in church that is Holy?

Made me think.  What other things are Holy that we’re not appreciating as such?  What are we missing out on by not recognizing moments/things/people for what they are? I have no answers right now.  But maybe one day…


4 thoughts on “Community

  1. Huge Matt Chandler fan here. I got to meet his wife this past weekend (briefly) and she was a sweetheart.

    Isn’t it so true that he yells through those ear plugs? I often wonder if the person next to me on the stair master will hear. I hope they do.

    Anyhow, I think any gift you’ve been given whether painting a portrait, capturing a moment in photography, writing, designing blueprints, etc. is all Holy because we’re taking God’s gifts (they aren’t ours to start with, but His) and using them to glorify him. That’s holy. And it’s worship to him.

    I am just now beginning to grasp this and it’s life changing. And I’m starting to realize also that my quiet time isn’t the only thing that is holy too 🙂


  2. You’re right, Samantha. I like what you said about things being “…all Holy because we’re taking God’s gifts and using them to glorify Him.”

    Puts everything into such a different perspective, doesn’t it? Since hearing that sermon I’ve been more aware of things I do and assessing whether or not they are Holy. Simple things like making my kids lunches for school, or conversations with clients or cleaning peanut butter off of the floor. When I take these mundane sounding things and think about them being Holy and glorifying God through them it causes me to enjoy him more because I’m doing them for a purpose!

    I think it’s going to take me my entire life to grasp John Piper’s whole Christian Hedonism thing – but I’m workin’ on it! Very. Very. Slowly.


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