Things in my head

I’ve had a lot of things tumbling around in my head lately but never seem to find the time to a)  talk them through  b)  think them through  c)  write them down

My plan is to make a list and then hit them one by one over the next while.  If you have any thoughts on any of them please weigh in.  In no particular order…


1.  Fashion.  Artistic or materialistic?

2.  I need to take more “snaps” of my family and our everyday life.

3.  We live in a chemical loving, genetically modified, smoggy, plastic world.  What can we do?  What are we suppose to do?  How much energy are we to spend?  And will it matter?

4.  What are the things God really wants me to care about?

5.  Is it because I swore I would never homeschool that all of my children are having “issues” with school this year? hmm?

6.  How many mini halloween chocolate bars is too many for one sitting?

I’m not sure I want the answer to the last one.  ‘Member….they’re little!


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