I’ve always been high maintenance.

I admit it.  I use to think I was low maintenance which, I think,  is probably the worst kind of high maintenance person because it just means that I don’t have a clue how high maintenance I really and truly am.  And if I thought THAT was low maintenance – what would I be like if I thought I was high maintenance.  Oh my poor, poor husband.

However, I now fully admit I’m high maintenance.  Except, it seems, at Starbucks.

I was talking with some friends yesterday about how Starbucks is breeding a high maintenance culture.  You get your drink, your way.  Exactly.  Every time.  And if its not right – well of course they just make you a new one.

I was  chatting with my husband about this same thing not 2 hours ago as we were driving back from dropping the bambinos off at school.  In the midst of conversation he threw out, “So – wanna go grab a coffee?”  Course I did.

Me and Phoenix and coffee
Me and Phoenix and coffee

So I tested the theory.  I was trying to be as high maintenance as I knew how to be at Starbucks.  (I have a feeling it was nothin’ compared to what some people order…)  So I made up a random drink.  The girl looked at me as if to say, “really?”

“Oh, you don’t have something like that?”  I quip.

“Oh no, we can make that.  We can make whatever you like.  That’s what Starbucks is all about.”

So, one tall, steamed, chai apple juice with whip, no caramel (and an ever growing line-up) later and I had finished my first ever high maintenance Starbucks moment.   The letters on the cup were crazy.  There was a T, SCA, W, NC.  I think.  I  may have forgotten a few.

The drink wasn’t very good.  I’m sticking to coffee.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve always been high maintenance.

  1. The barista asked my husband the other day if he wanted the chocolate and banana Vivano with a shot of espresso. He thought that sounded interesting and tried it. He did not like it. So he got the regular vivano. I don’t think I’d recommend it either.

    Anyhow, great little story. Did you ask for a new drink or did you stick to it?


  2. I stuck to it! Considering it was my crazy idea to make up a ridiculous drink I figured they shouldn’t have to be the ones to pay for it! Although, they probably would have made me a new one. It’s Starbucks – it’s what they do!
    I only drank half of it and did tell the barista that if someone else ordered what I just did – maybe advise against it!


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