Things I said I’d get to.

First things first – a quote or two from Edith Schaeffer’s book, The Hidden Art of Homemaking.

Think about this for a second or two…

Who draws the line that separates

Art from Design?

Sculpture from Ornaments?

Poetry from Jingles?

Great Music from Pooh’s Hums?

Great Literature from Daily News?

Is Art beauty, or depth, or expression?

Is Art communication calling for response?

Is Art the talent for involving other human beings in what otherwise would remain locked in the mind?

Is Art something that draws many into the beauty, joy and vividness of another person’s understanding?

Is Art something that includes others in the torn struggling of another person’s suffering?

These are questions that Mrs. Schaeffer asks and which I can’t answer.  I have opinions on some of them but only top-of-my-head opinions.  Not ones that can be founded on research or evidence or even practical life experience.  I’m not sure that these questions have, or need – for that matter – answers.  But I do think they are important to think on.

She goes on…

Whatever it is, surely art involves creativity and originality.  Whatever form art takes, it gives outward expression to what otherwise would remain locked in the mind, unshared.  One individual personality has definite or special talent for expressing, in some medium, what other personalities can hear, see, smell, feel, taste, understand, enjoy, be stimulated by, be involved in, find refreshment in, find satisfaction in, find fulfilment in, experience reality in, be agonized by, be pleased by, enter into, but which they could not produce themselves.

How cool is it that our God is an artist?  The first creator.  The most original.  The perfect expressionist and communicator through the work of His hands.

That’s awesome.


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