A Whole New World

My boys just set off for their first full day of school.  All three of them!  Full day!  I’ve been at home with a child/children for the past 10 years and now today they are all off on their own (well….hopefully their teachers will be with them) for 6 hours.  I can’t even fathom the time I will have to….to….I don’t know!!

Everyone keeps asking me what I’m going to do so I, in turn, keep asking other moms what they do.  What I keep hearing is that my time will fill up quickly and easily.  But I don’t just want to fill it.  I want it to be purposeful.  So I need a plan.  That may be what I do on this first day with them all at school – come up with a plan.

I mean, after editing the batch of photos that needs editing and then getting to that shoot I have this afternoon….


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