Our Life in Bullet Points and Pictures

It’s been a busy month.  Brace yourself!

  • The boys have been taking a lot of pictures of random things.  I especially like this one of their bakugans and the fruit bowl.


  • And one of Phoenix eating breakfast.

Phoenix Breakfast

  • Hayden got a new bike.  I have about 47 pictures on my camera that look like this.

H Bike


  • I’ve had lots of photo shoots.  It started with maternity shoots which very naturally lent itself to newborn shoots.  I like cute little babies.


Daniel kung fu

  • Owen decided it was time for a haircut.  Here’s the before and after.
  • Even Grandma and Grandpa didn’t recognize him.




Owen haircut


  • I’ve been doing photos for the boys school yearbook.
  • Earl and I designed the cover for their yearbook as well.  We haven’t seen it in print yet.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!
  • Our family did the Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis in support of our great friend, Jake.




Great Strides


  • Owen was in his first track meet.  He came 5th in hurdles.  He didn’t place in long jump but I think he should have won for best style!

O Track Meet

  • Our family joined 8 other families from the boys school and went up to Whistler for one night.  I think their were 18 kids altogether.  Can you imagine staying in a hotel with 18 of your friends in the surrounding rooms?  Good times.  I only got one picture.  It almost fully encompasses what we did.  Which was, lay by the pool and eat pistachios, swim, get out and lay by the pool and eat more pistachios.  Hayden’s new nickname is officially Pistachio.


  • Today was Hayden and Phoenix’s sports day.  I burnt my nose.  They loved the tug of war.  

H Sports Day

  • Phoenix got tired by lunch and couldn’t finish the day.  When I stated that that’s how long he’ll go to school in grade one he said with great disdain, “Oh great!  I’ll never be able to stay awake that long!”
  • Phoenix is a product of his environment.  Because I’m a photographer he will NOT let me take pictures of him.  These are the lovely shots I was allowed to take today.

P sports day

P sports day side


Upcoming events  include:

  • Owen’s sports day
  • Hayden’s baseball skills competition
  • The annual block party in Auguston
  • Field trip to the zoo
  • Kindergarten graduation

I’m exhausted just thinking about the next 2 weeks.  Summer can’t come soon enough.  Here’s one last one of exhausted Phoenix.  Sound asleep at the kitchen table.

Phoenix sleeping


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