Like marshmellows on my feet!

So, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time you’ll know that I like to run.  Well, I was mentioning to a friend a few weeks back that my knees were hurting.  She asked how long I’d had my shoes for.  “Seven years,” I stated matter of factly.  Apparently that’s why my knees hurt.

Anyways, I just couldn’t afford new good runners right now and I figured if I got cheap ones my knees would hurt just as much so I either needed to deal with the pain or I stoprunning.  I stopped running.

Then on Sunday my extremely thoughtful friend came up to me at church and said, “What size feet do you have?”  I shrugged, “Usually around a 7.”

She beamed and announced, “I have new running shoes for you!!”

They’re perfect!  She only wore them for 3 months and then got different ones because they just weren’t right for her feet.  I tried them on and they were perfect!  They’re even pretty.  Not that that matters, but it kinda does…

Anyways, I did a few laps around the lake this morning and it was glorious.  No sore knees! 

Moral of the story, pray – even for new running shoes.  Because God works in mysterious and wonderful ways and provides the things that He knows we need.  Apparently, I need to run!

Thanks Marie for your kind and loving and generous heart and even more for loving Jesus and following His leading in your life! And thank-you Jesus for providing something for me that I thought silly to pray about but did regardless knowing that you hear me and know my thoughts and provide as you see fit.  May you be glorified in my running!


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