Mother’s Day in Pictures

Happy Late Mother’s Day out there to all of you mom’s who read this.  I know that so many of you work so hard, sacrifice so much, are creative, confused, going crazy and yet you wouldn’t trade it for anything!  

My mother’s day started off perfect!  Perhaps my best one  yet!  (i’m not discussing how it ended.  Normally I’m honest and as real as I can be on here but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty…)

I got cards, pictures, paintings, poems, a handpainted little handbag (perfect for cell phone and keys!) made by my oldest son, I got breakfast in bed made by my boys, I got candies and cuddles and kisses – it was great!  At some point one of my boys decided we should take pictures (who am I to argue?) so all 3 of my boys took there shot at using my “real” camera  (meaning, not just the point and shoot). 

Here are a few of their shots:
Mothers DayMothers Day2Mothers Day3

My only request for Mother’s Day was that, considering it was a beautiful day, we spend it out in the sun!  I didn’t care where as long as I felt it’s warmth.  So we headed off to the BMX track…

Mothers Day 4Mothers Day 5Mothers Day6

Owen got a flat tire so him and Earl set off to get a new one.  An hour and a half and a trip  to the park later we all met up again…

Mothers Day7Mothers Day 8Mothers Day 9

We headed home for another breakfast (every meal we had that day was breakfast!  Porridge, omelettes and then German Pancakes!  Yum!!)  some down time, and then went out to rent a movie to snuggle on the couch and watch.   And there you have it!  My mother’s day.


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