Healthy Stuff

I sometimes have days when I feel like I need to live healthier.   I think, as a family, we do pretty well already but all of a sudden it will hit me that I may not have had a sufficient amount of leafy greens this week and I don’t even know what ginko biloba is!  (or does)

So I always do the same thing.  I head straight for my computer.  I start googling vitamins and supplements that I’ve heard of or do random searches on web md and every time I come up with the exact same thing.  So here are my research findings for today and what I’ve come up with pretty much every other time I’ve researched it.

For healthy living you must:

  • get plenty of sleep
  • drink water 
  • eat leafy greens
  • eat fruit
  • eat whole grains
  • eat meat and/or eggs
  • exercise

So on the flip side of that we need not:

  • stay up too late
  • drink an excess of pop or other sugary drinks
  • avoid  sugary foods or white flour that are empty calories but have no health benefits
  • don’t become a couch potato

Sounds easy enough and doesn’t require any sort of acacia berry or ginseng.  Brilliant!


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