Spiritual Maturity: the second thing

In this post I talked about two pivotal things that caused me to think differently about my own spiritual maturity.  To get a bit of background, if you haven’t already, read that post or this one likely won’t make much sense.

So the second thing for me was hearing a story and I can’t remember for the life of me where I heard it.  For some reason I’m thinking that it was possibly C.J.Mahaney at the Children’s Desiring God conference a few years back – but in all honestly – it just as likely wasn’t.  Regardless of where I heard it, it had impact.

The story was that there was a relatively new christian who wanted to learn how to live like a christian, be obedient to Christ, grow in knowledge, depart from his old patterns of life and the things of this world – as the bible says – and learn to follow Christ.  He kept asking people and they would give him the rundown.  Read your bible.  Pray.  Serve in your church.  Don’t do the things you use to do.  Get new friends.  Sing in the choir.  Whatever!  None of these things was fully appeasing to the new christian but he set about these tasks anyways.  Then he asked another man and the man said, “Come and live with me.”  The new christian thought that was rather blunt and slightly odd so he asked, “Why?”  The mature christian stated, “If you want to learn to live to follow Christ – watch me.”

All I could think is…..whoa!  How many of us can say that?   When asked the question can we say, “Watch me?” I certainly couldn’t.  This shaped me a lot.  It caused me to pay much more attention to details of my life that I was neglecting.  The little  things.  The at home moments that nobody sees.  If there was someone there “watching me” would I do things differently?

I don’t know if I’ll ever be confident enough to say watch me.  But as christians we should be able to, right?


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