Spiritual Maturity

This past week at church Pastor Doug touched on the subject of spiritual maturity.  Believe me when I say that I know I have a L.O.N.G. way to go in this realm but I also know, upon looking back over my life, that I have come a long way.  I’m sure in 10 years I’ll still have a long way to go.  Baby steps, I tell ya!

But this made me think of two moments in my life that have caused me to realize my own maturity.  I’ll do one today and one later.

I remember it clearly.  I was reading through the book Feminine Appeal for, I think, the third time.  As a side note, this book written by Carolyn Mahaney on the passage for women from Titus 2 rocked my world as a christian wife and mother.  Seriously.  I had never before been faced with so many things to look at in my life.  I’d never had scripture so clearly laid out for me in the realm of biblical womanhood.  It seemed with every chapter  I read I had a new thought and mandate that I would hold up against my life and see where I lined up and where I so obviously didn’t.  A challenging book for sure.

Anyways, I was reading the book and going through the study questions at the end of each chapter.  One question hit me in a life changing way.  The question was this.  In what season of life do you find yourself?  (younger woman, older woman, teenage daughter etc)  

Up until this reading I would have just naturally said I was the younger woman.   I mean, I was only 29, there were women much older than me in the world and I needed them to teach me so many things! 

And then I thought about the women around me and the women in our church and I realized (with great shock and horror to be sure!) that I was, in fact, in the category of older woman!

This was not easy to stomach, I assure you.  But it did do something wonderful for me.  It changed my perceptions.  For a few years I had been longing for an older woman to take me under her wing and teach me in all her great wisdom how to be a loving wife, a serving mother, how to make a pie crust from scratch, how to be spiritually disciplined, serve in my community, pray well and still get a few hours of sleep each night.  (As a side I’m still looking for this so if you know anyone…)

But when I realized that I was, in my realm, the older woman I had to read and re-read Titus 2 again in a whole new light.  Suddenly it was MY role to teach what is good and to train the young(er) women to love their husbands and children.  It was almost an instant maturing because I went from whining about not having anyone teach me to realizing that there are women I could be teaching and what on earth was I going to teach them?!?!

I’m still learning how to do that.  But even the thoughts of this have definitely caused a maturing in my attitude, in how seriously I take things, in recognizing what sort of example I am setting with my life and even inadvertently what I am teaching younger women through how I am loving, serving, and glorifying Christ.

I have taught a fair number of people how to bake buns but I’m not sure how much of an accomplishment that is…

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